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SpiritGroove Conference Volunteer and Staff Application.

Thank you for your interest in the SpiritGroove Conference.  Someone from our staff will contact you regarding your interest.

Position to apply for:

| |

Applicant Information: School (If applicable)

If you have already graduated and are employed, please list the last school you attended and fill out the job information.

Date of Hire

Job Responsibilities

Current Supervisor

Supervisor's Phone Number

Applicant Information: Personal

Date of Birth


Selection Abstract Song Title





Scripture References

Orientation and First Aid/CPR Training

All Youth Counselors are required to check-in to camp on Sunday, July 2 for orientation.  You are required to have current First Aid and CPR certifications by the first day of conference.  If you are not certified,  First Aid and CPR Training will be provided before orientation.  Are you currently First Aid and CPR Certified?

Yes No

If Yes for First Aid, Date of Expiration

If Yes for CPR, Date of Expiration

Availability: Summer Camp Days and Hours

Summer camp takes place all day during July 3-8.  Activities occur during the day and evening.  Please let us know your availability.  List the days and times you can participate.







Although experience with youth or in the camp environment is important, it is not mandatory.  Have you ever worked with youth before?

Yes No

If Yes, for how many years?

Please describe your experience with youth or camps. 

Why do you want to work with youth at the SpiritGroove Conference 2006?

Applicant Information: References

References (please include two non-family member who are familiar with your talents and your work with youth)


Relationship to Applicant



Relationship to Applicant


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